At Home in Berkeley

This is the beginning of a series where we celebrate the quotidian details of our life.  Below is a collage of pieces of my home, little things I look at daily.  

A snapshot of my everyday views.

A snapshot of my everyday views.


  1. Sprig of mint. I am hoping this sprouting sprig will survive its upcoming transplant to soil. Tea soon!
  2. Legos. A new constant in our home: small pieces of Legos all over the house, all of the time. 
  3. Stained glass owl. We have a large amount of owl themed objects. 
  4. Hanging guitar. Music fills our house. My husbands band is Professor Burns and the Lilac Field
  5. A little hand in soil. 
  6. Fabric. I inherited a collection of beautiful fabric. This is a pillow I recently made for our couch.
  7. Galimoto bike from Kenya. I found this toy bicycle at an estate sale last year. I’m inspired to make a wire and cloth toy with movable parts.  
  8. Metal Letters. This will be included in a mobile for the boys room. 
  9. Books. We all tend to collect them here. 

At Home in Brooklyn

The next few entries are a study of our domestic spaces and the neighborhoods surrounding us. Claire and I thought this might give context to our posts and offer viewers insight into the places we find familiar. 

Being a mother with two small children, and working from home, much of my time is focused in and around the home. My husband, children and I have a small apartment, 780sqft in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. We love the neighborhood and chose this 1.5 bedroom on a beautiful tree lined street, walking distance to playgrounds and parks, shops and purveyors, and dear friends over a more sizable space in another location. It's a challenge, no doubt about it. I question my decision often, but when I walk though the neighborhood I feel fortunate to be a part of the fabric.

This is our home. Welcome!

At Home in Brooklyn.png

Clockwise from top left corner:

1. These door knobs were part of a larger lengthy consideration. We renovated our apartment this time last year and decided to have a material palette of dark iron and white, reminiscent of early Modern design. The door and cabinet hardware throughout the apartment match in character. 
2. This is our sweet little succulent and handmade pot from in Brooklyn. Christan, aka the plant lady, is the best.
3. This soapstone backsplash and shelf above the kitchen sink is part alter, junk collector, reflection center, story of my life. The framed photos of my grandmother's plates are part of the "Memory Photograph" series I started a few years back.
4. This is my husband's belt. It's also our spontaneous solution to a handle for the murphy bed we sleep on every night. We wanted something that could be tucked away so to completely conceal the murphy bed when not in use. Voila! 
5. This is River's baby quilt. When I was six months pregnant with River I took an evening quilt making class at Purl in Soho. It was the perfect craft to take on while expecting my first child. I signed up with the intension of making a baby blanket for him and this is it! It felt so good hand stitching while daydreaming of my baby. So much love went into this, more than any other piece of artwork I've ever made. The blanket has a nautical flag theme, which Riv just caught on to and really likes.
6. Cha Cha Cha Chia. These were gifts from my mom, Gram, to the boys.
7. My most loved piece of furniture, over 30 years old, lived in hiding for 25 years in my family's furniture store until 10 years ago when I eyed it and took it home with me. I think it's beautiful.  
8. Last week's visit to the Children's Museum of Art in Tribeca culminated in the creation of Luc's rocket, my rocket and River's airplane.
9. This is our front door with three paint options. I love all three but in the end I think white is best for this location. I also kind of like the look of the paint samples, so they're still here. Oh, and our peep-hole cover is missing. 

Do you have a favorite moment in your home? Is there a detail that speaks about you?