Casey: Bedside Reading

This summer I'm thinking about the spatialization of life, feelings, and associations. Often in architecture school I would consider the impact of emotions and events on the way we comprehend our environment. Un Petite Maison and Mandala are very different but both touch on this interest. The other titles are calming and reassuring. I'm always reading a parenting book of one kind or another. Recently I decided, instead of adding to my collection of parenting books to reread the ones that really resonate with me.

What are you reading this summer? Do you have a favorite summertime book?

Brooklyn Reading List 1
Here is a page I keep coming back to from  How Toddlers Thrive , by Tovah Klein.

Here is a page I keep coming back to from How Toddlers Thrive, by Tovah Klein.

How To Relax, Thich Nhat Hanh - This is my pocket subway reading, my reading meditation.
Writing with Style, John R. Trimble - I'm feeling inspired to think about writing... and to start writing.  
Une Petite Maison, Le Corbusier - Who has my copy of The Little House: An Architecture of Seduction? Come forward, please. Corb's is a follow up to The Little House, by Jean-Francois de Bastide's. I love both. They take me right back to why I love architecture. 
Meeting Life, Krishna Murti - My brother loaned this to me - thank you. I really enjoy K. Murti's writings.
How Toddlers Thrive, Tovah P. Klein, PhD - This is my go to book on raising toddlers. I'm reading and rereading p.161-162, "Handling Your Own Anger and Upset." Tovah runs the Toddler Center at Barnard
The Weather & Our Tempers, by Dominique Townsend - Dominique is a dear friend. Earlier this month she moved upstate. I'm reading her poems to her the voice I miss.

Here are a few of my favorite bookstores:
Greenlight Bookstore - 686 Fulton Street (at S. Portland) Brooklyn, NY 11217; (718) 246-0200
Book Court - 163 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY; (718) 875-3677
Yes, I buy books on Amazon, but I try to find them at my local shop first. Amazon's really good for used and out of print books.